Berkshire Pigs

We started keeping pigs in 2009, buying Berkshire weaners to bring on for pork.  We now have Rachel,a pedigree breeding sow producing two litters a year.

We have chosen Berkshires not only because they are one of the oldest breeds in the UK, but also for the wonderful flavour and texture of the meat, not to mention the superb crackling!  The meat is not fatty, but it is succulent.

Photos by Dan Mart


Unlike many breeds of pig, Berkshires have pricked ears so they can see everything that’s going on.  This makes them very inquisitive and friendly.


Like all of our livestock, our pigs are outdoor reared and allowed to mature slowly, fed on Omega 5 rich GM free food.  They are free to roam in their enclosure and have a wallow for those hot days.  We oil the pigs regularly to keep their skin in good condition and to get them used to being handled.


We sell our pork as half pigs butchered to your requirements (including sausages) and packed ready for the freezer.  Half a pig takes about 2 and a bit drawers of a standard freezer - if this is too much for you, why not share with a friend?


We also produce sausages and bacon from our own home bred pigs.


Protecting rare breeds by selling meat?

Absolutely! Without a market for the end product - Pork, Bacon, Sausages - these breeds will definitely become extinct in our lifetimes. We believe in creating an awareness of the importance of eating pork from rare breeds.

We usually have sausages for sale – wonderful flavour and very little fat.


For more information, please email or call Veronica on 07762 596298 after 3 pm on weekdays or at any time over weekends, or 01246 591668 between 8 pm and 9.30 pm.


Berkshires carry the Rare Breed Survival Trust's At Risk status - follow this link for more information
For more information about Berkshire Pigs, visit the breed website
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